Linen Coasters

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Classic Linen Coaster

Classic Linen Coaster

From £4.36
Permanent rings left on tabletops is the last thing anyone wants. Our coasters are made from linen, which is naturally wicking. This means instead of letting moisture pool, it absorbs...
Fine Irish Linen Cocktail Mats
12x19cm Rectangle - Single12x19cm Rectangular - 4 Pack12x19cm Rectangular - 6 Pack12x19cm Rectangular - 12 Pack

Fine Irish Linen Cocktail Mats

From £8.91
Cocktail mats are uncommon these days, and may be considered by many to be a bit of a specialty product. "When would you ever use a cocktail mat?" Well, it's...

Heritage & Elegance: Linen Coasters Collection

Ferguson's linen coasters collection is where tradition meets sophistication and is designed to bring elegance to any dining experience. Our linen coasters can be a perfect addition to your home and a thoughtful gift for any occasion. 

Carefully and Precisely Handcrafted in Ireland

At Ferguson's, we know that our rich heritage and commitment to quality make us different. Every linen coaster is handcrafted in Ireland using only the finest Irish linen. They are as luxurious as durable. Not only have they been created to protect your surfaces, but also to add a refined aesthetic to your table decor. 

50% Versatility and 50% Style

You will find that our linen coasters come in different colours and designs. Explore the collection and discover the perfect match for every taste. Whether it is a traditional, elegant event or a casual family meal, these unique coasters will complement any table setting. They can be equally used daily or on special occasions.

A Green and Sustainable Choice

Ferguson's Irish Linen cares about the world and this is the reason why we are committed to sustainable practices. This linen coaster collection is no exception. Our sophisticated items are made from 100% natural fibers to reduce environmental impact. Linen is known for its durability and biodegradability making it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for environmentally conscious individuals.

A Thoughtful Gift

Do you want to express your love to somebody? Let Irish linen coasters speak for you. Whether for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, or holidays,  they are a considerate option that will be around for years to come. They come in an equally beautiful package, so recipients will be delighted upon arrival.