Fine Irish Linen Cocktail Mats

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Colour: Optical White

  • Optical White

Size: 12x19cm Rectangle - Single

  • 12x19cm Rectangle - Single
  • 12x19cm Rectangular - 4 Pack
  • 12x19cm Rectangular - 6 Pack
  • 12x19cm Rectangular - 12 Pack
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Cocktail mats are uncommon these days, and may be considered by many to be a bit of a specialty product. "When would you ever use a cocktail mat?" Well, it's essentially a wider coaster, allowing space for a drink and a small snack. Although, it works equally well for situations that call for multiple glasses. Or to fancy-up serving canapés, especially if they're served away from the dining table.

Note: This is Fine Irish Linen not to be confused by Classic Linen