2 Layer Sonno Blanket


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Colour: Corinthian and Suede

  • Corinthian and Suede
  • Vole and Suede

Size: 86x200cm

  • 86x200cm
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Our Sonno blanket is a bit more interesting than many of our other woven items. When it says two layers, at first interpretation, this may sound like it's composed of two separately woven pieces of fabric. In reality however it's quite different.

This blanket has both layers of wool/linen blended fabric woven simultaneously on the same loom. The warp beam feeds in one side, and the weaving structure produces two separate layers. (It looks like magic, and aside from out technical and design team, it's complicated to understand how it works even!)

The result is a very warm blanket. Linen/wool blends are relatively warm as a blanket to begin with. Even though this blanket has the same amount of yarn as a single layer blanket, the air that the layers trap between them acts as a super insulator, making it extra toasty.