Bark Linen/Wool Fusion Blanket

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Colour: Dark Steel

  • Dark Steel
  • Rannoch
  • Tortoise
  • Light Fawn

Size: Deck Blanket 115x130cm

  • Deck Blanket 115x130cm
  • Comforter 155x130cm
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Take the cooling properties of linen, and the warmth of lamb's wool, and you get our range of wool/linen blend blankets.

Our wool fusion designs are more than just a set of blankets that differ in appearance. Their weave structure varies to provide not only a different visual design, but to provide different levels of insulation and feel.

Imagine an afternoon on the estate of Powerscourt, just outside Dublin. The sun, a picnic and silver birch trees. As a child, you maybe had the experience of peeling the paper thin, silky bark off birch trees, and this is lead to this design. The bark was recreated in the outer, lamb's wool side of the blanket. The reverse emulating the fibres on the inner, silky side of the bark.

The bark blanket is woven in a way that is truly organic, hugging close to you when you're wrapped up in it.