El Paradiso Linen Sun Blanket


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Colour: Black

  • Black
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Size: 140x183cm

  • 140x183cm
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Sailing through the Ionian sea, on the yacht El Paradiso. The sea was crystal clear. The temperature was 37C (99F). The wind's small dimply ripples on the surface being the only distortion of the bottom of the sea. This inspired the El Paradiso design, named after the boat.

The sun towel, in 100% linen is a light, cooling blanket, for keeping breezes or the sun away, or lying on, or as a picnic blanket. We developed a wool version which we call 'Ripple' if you're interested in something a bit warmer.

The black and white version of El Paradiso, was originally designed for sale in New York, and is often likened to a zebra (with no animal harm involved!)