Kalaloch Linen Sun Blanket


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Colour: Thistle

  • Thistle
  • Navy
  • Black

Size: 140x183cm

  • 140x183cm
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Kalaloch is a 100% linen version of our Birds on a Wave design. Inspiration came from a small, 15th century, Chinese  wood carving for making prints. The waves both representing the currents in the air, and the imaginary trails left behind the swallows as they take flight.

Linen as a blanket is potentially not what you may expect. These are perfect for hot, sunny days, or for keeping the breeze away while you're at the beach. As a fabric, flax linen has the ability to regulate temperatures, and so it often feels cool. It also works great for right after a swim in the sea, as it'll quickly wick away the moisture. The blanket itself will also dry quickly when wet. And for kids, it's a great sun-shield!