Linen Huck Hand Towel


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Style: Huckaback and Rose

  • Huckaback and Rose
  • Plain Huckaback

Colour: Oyster White

  • Oyster White
  • Natural

Size: 46x81cm

  • 46x81cm
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The huck weave increases the amount of small interstitial spaces within the fabric. These spaces further boost the absorbency of linen. Combined with linen's natural wicking properties along it's fibres, this creates a towel that holds a lot of moisture, but is also quick to dry.

Linen also resists bacterial growth (up to 60% when dew retted fibres are used, so we use dew retted for all of our yarn, it also makes them very eco-friendly). This resistance makes them extra suited for use as hand towels.