Satin Band Double Damask Tablecloths

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Colour: Oyster white

  • Oyster white

Size: 175x229cm Rectangle

  • 175x229cm Rectangle
  • 175x274cm Rectangle
  • 175x320cm Rectangle
  • 175x366cm Rectangle
  • 175x411cm Rectangle
  • 175x457cm Rectangle
  • 175x274cm Oval
  • 175x320cm Oval
  • 229x229cm Circle
  • 274x274cm Circle

Hem: Standard 5mm

  • Standard 5mm
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The Satin Band design features two bands. One slightly wider that runs around the drop of the cloth (we recommend a 30cm drop), and a narrower band that sits atop the table itself. In our double damask quality, the threadcount is much higher than in the single damask. As a result, the cloth is more substantial, with a much smoother finish. It's soft to the touch, and has a very satisfying handle.