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Colmcille Damask - OFFER

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Size: 91x91cm Square Tablecloth

  • 91x91cm Square Tablecloth
  • 137x137cm Square Tablecloth
  • 137x175cm Rectangle Tablecloth
  • 137x229cm Rectangle Tablecloth
  • 175x344cm Rectangle Tablecloth
  • 200x444cm Rectangle Tablecloth
  • 229x457cm Rectangle Tablecloth
  • 234x544cm Rectangle Tablecloth
  • 137x229cm Oval Tablecloth
  • 175x229cm Oval Tablecloth
  • 175x274cm Oval Tablecloth
  • 175x366cm Oval Tablecloth
  • 221x277cm Oval Tablecloth
  • 175x175cm Circle Tablecloth
  • 229x229cm Circle Tablecloth

Color: Oyster White

  • Oyster White
  • Natural
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Take advantage of grabbing a great deal on our discontinued sizes at great prices. Up to 70% off while stock lasts. Image shows pattern only. Please check size and colour selected prior to purchasing.

Linen damask makes exceptionally high quality table linen, and is consistently one of our best selling ranges. It carries all the unique characteristics of an Irish Linen tablecloth, and is offered in a wide range of standard designs.

St. Columba, also known as Colmcille, has this unique Ferguson's design named in memory of him. In Irish folklore it's said that each knot has a specific message waiting to be decoded, if we only had the key.