Classic Linen Tablecloths

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Colour: Oyster white

  • Oyster white
  • Natural
  • Optical White

Size and Shape: 229x183cm Rectangle

  • 229x183cm Rectangle
  • 274x183cm Rectangle
  • 183x320cm Rectangle
  • 183x366cm Rectangle

Hem: 0.5cm Plain

  • 0.5cm Plain
  • 2.5cm Punchspoke and Mitred Corners
  • 5cm Punchspoke and Mitred Corners
  • Metro Hem
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Tablecloths made from our Classic Linen sport a punch-spoked border (also known as hemstitching). These cloths will allow for a touch of elegance to every meal; whether it be a visit with guests, or just a normal Saturday afternoon. It's important when ordering tablecloths to ensure you not only measure the table top, but account for a drop on each side.

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