Classic Linen Placemats

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Colour: Optical White

  • Optical White
  • Natural
  • Oyster

Size: 36x51cm

  • 36x51cm

Hem: 0.5cm Plain

  • 0.5cm Plain
  • 2.5cm Punchspoke and Mitred Corners
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Placemats in our Classic Linen remind me of breakfasts or lunches, rather than big heavy meals. They're the taste of luxury that doesn't impede a casual atmosphere. In invokes the lightness of a salad on the patio in the sunshine, while it also makes room for guests coming over for a casual get-together.

Classic linen items come in three variants; optical white, oyster, and natural. Optical white is as the name suggests, very very white. Oyster, is a more off-white, colour - one with a hint of creaminess to it. Natural, being the raw colour of the flax fibres.