Classic Linen Napkins

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Colour: Optical White

  • Optical White
  • Oyster
  • Natural

Size: 46x46cm

  • 46x46cm
  • 56x56cm
  • 61x61cm

Hem: 0.5cm Plain

  • 0.5cm Plain
  • 1.3cm Punchspoke and Mitred Corners
  • 2.5cm Punchspoke and Mitred Corners
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In comparison to damask, our Classic 8/8 Linen is a simpler, lighter option. A plain weave with a border of punch spoking grants it great versatility. It's equally as suitable for formal dining as it is for a light meal outside on a sunny day.

Our Classic Linen Napkins exist in a space that allows a little class to invade everyday life without being over the top.