Fine Irish Linen Tablecloth

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Colour: Optical White

  • Optical White

Size: 229x183cm Rectangle

  • 229x183cm Rectangle
  • 274x183cm Rectangle
  • 183x320cm Rectangle
  • 183x366cm Rectangle

Hem: 2.5cm hem with punchspoke and mitred corners

  • 2.5cm hem with punchspoke and mitred corners
  • 0.5cm plain hem
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Along with a lace edged option in the Fine Linen quality, we have plain hem and punchspoke hem options; The idea being to give people freedom of choice in how they choose to decorate their tables. Because the combinations are endless, if there's a specific combination you are interested in, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Here we have our most commonly bought variants in the Fine Linen range for tablecloths.