Fine Irish Linen Napkins

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Colour: Optical White

  • Optical White

Size: 46x46cm Square

  • 46x46cm Square
  • 56x56cm Square

Hem: 0.5cm Plain Hem

  • 0.5cm Plain Hem
  • 1.3cm hem with punchspoke and mitred corners
  • 2.5cm hem with punchspoke and mitred corners
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Our Fine Irish Linen Napkins are made from a plain linen we weave in our factory in Northern Ireland. The variations with these napkins comes in with the hem type.

Mitred corners, for those that don't know, have a seam run diagonally in from the corner, into the inside of the seam - as opposed to a through corner which would have a seam parallel to one of the sides.

We also punchspoke this range. Punchspoking, or hemstitching, involved punching a hole along the seam before two needles lay down a stitch on each side to hold the hole open. This creates a neat border around the napkin.