Finest Linen Pillowcases

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Size: 51x76cm Rectangular

  • 51x76cm Rectangular
  • 65x65cm Square

Style: Punchspoking

  • Punchspoking
  • 2-row cording
  • Plain

Type: Housewife

  • Housewife
  • Oxford
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Linen pillows are where the bacteria-resistant property of linen really shines. The skin of your face is much more sensitive than other regions, and thus, we should take extra care to look after it. Not only can you blast linen in a high temperature wash if you do so wish, but the natural gentleness of flax linen makes it a perfect choice. Especially if you appreciate the cold side of the pillow.

Note;  Prices are for 1 Pillowcase.

Bedding is woven and made to order.