Finest Linen Duvet Covers (North American Sizes)

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Size: Double

  • Double
  • Queen
  • King

Style: Punchspoked

  • Punchspoked
  • 2-row cording
  • Plain

Dimensions: 193x220cm

  • 193x220cm
  • 220x230cm
  • 260x230cm
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Linen is the perfect material for beds - not that we are biased, of course. A linen cover, on a thick, warm duvet brings you all the comfort of being able to wrap up and be toasty, while also helping to prevent you from getting too hot. The best way to explain the feeling would be to say it's like linen is a very breathable fabric. It balances temperature, preventing you from overheating without letting you get too cold. 

It's also hypoallergenic, and prevents bacterial growth by up to 60% (because we use yarn that's spun from dew-retted flax). This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin!

Note; These are sized to fit North American Sized Beds and Prices are for 1 Duvet Cover.

Bedding is woven and made to order.