Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is dedicated to maintaining its reputation as the weaver of the world's most prestigious linen fabric through continual investment in the latest design, I.T. and manufacturing technology, staff training and development, whilst never forgetting our craft roots. This has resulted in many long term relationships with research institutions and organisations worldwide.

Some of our projects past and present are listed below.

Publications List resulting from the following projects the relationship between flax fibre and yarn characteristics

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between chemical, physical and instrumental characteristics of flax fibre and yarns and to identify those parameters of most importance in representing yarn quality.

The improvement of weaving efficiencies through the development of objective quality standards of linen yarn. Following on from the success of the flax fibre project, Fergusons continued, with IRTU funding and called "Q-YARN", to work with the Department of Applied Plant Science, Queens University, Belfast.

Brite Euram Project

The project aims were to achieve the following targets: a better use of the European raw material, optimisation of the process with respect to quality and costs, a better flexibility in production and in product development, minimisation of the environmental impact of the process and optimisation of the process.

Novel low environmental impact polymer matrix composites

The primary objective of this research is to develop novel, high performance, low environmental impact (PMCs) suitable for use in marine transportation and automotive applications and to enable their rapid commercialisation. The types of product or material envisaged are those comprising light load-bearing structures (e.g. seating, consoles and interior modules for marine craft as well as certain interior components for automobiles). Such products currently depend on the use of glass fibre.

Improved Extraction of Fibres from Bast Fibre Crops

Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd is one on seven UK companies working together with an Italian company and De Montfort University

Fabrics from linen (and hemp) are relatively expensive because of the amount of work required to separate the fibre from the plant straw, while retaining the fibre length and fibre quality needed for textile end uses. There is also the complication that the farmer has traditionally had to perform some of this work.

The project has a novel method of extracting the flax (or hemp) fibres from the straw, and if successful could lead the way to cost effective production of linen (and hemp) fibres.

Shroud of Turin

Thomas Ferguson is helping "The Shroud of Turin Exhibition" charity investigate the fabric used in the Shroud of Turin.

Work is being carried out by the Thomas Ferguson technical designer, Donna Campbell MA.

"Research is the act of going up alleys to see if they are blind."