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Working Kitchen Tea Towels Discontinued Designs

Working Kitchen Tea Towels Discontinued Designs

Kitchen Tea Towels Size: 50cm X 70cm Welcome to our working Kitchen tea towel range, this has been the perfect choice for any household where the kitchen is always in use,...
Irish Linen Rougher the Sea Gift Tea Towels

Irish Linen Rougher the Sea Gift Tea Towels

Irish linen tea towels are well known for being some of the best you can get. We've taken our traditional stripe design, that has been in production for over a...

What are Kitchen Linens?

Kitchen linens include 100% Irish Linen kitchen towels, glass towels, dish cloths, and linen aprons. Linen, a natural fibre derived from the flax plant, is the preferred choice for kitchen textiles due to its exceptional qualities.

Linen is:
- highly absorbent
- quick-drying
- extremely durable

It also possesses natural antibacterial properties, making it an ideal material for items that come into contact with food and surfaces.

How to take care of your Kitchen Linens

You can use drawer dividers, hooks, or decorative baskets to keep your linen kitchen towels and linen cloths easily accessible. It's best to wash your kitchen linens with a mild detergent (preferably for delicate fabrics) in lukewarm water (around 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit) at a gentle cycle.

Ferguson's Irish Linen: Our Kitchen Linen Collection

Beside linen aprons and linen tea towels, our collection also features a standout item – linen glass cloths. Crafted specifically for glassware, these cloths offer a lint-free and streak-free shine, ensuring your glass surfaces remain crystal clear. The inherent qualities of linen, such as its smooth texture and absorbency, make these glass cloths indispensable for achieving spotless results with minimal effort.