Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat

Linen is the ideal fabric for sleeping in the heat. It is woven from natural fibers of flax plants. These fibers breathe remarkably well, which is the key factor for staying cool during the hotter summer weather. Once you’ve slept in linen it’s hard to go back!

With much of the world currently experiencing hotter temperatures, the difficulty of getting a good night's sleep in the heat will be on many people's minds. Most of us need about seven to eight hours of good-quality sleep each night to function properly. After a night or two of disturbed sleep you might yawn a little more frequently and feel the fatigue set in.

Top Tip’s to beat the heat:

1. Stay hydrated

Drink enough water throughout the day but avoid drinking too much before bed.

I’m sure most people don’t fancy waking up thirsty nor do they want to take an additional trip to the bathroom in the early hours either.

Think about what you're drinking and when. Avoid drinks that contain large amounts of caffeine or sugar in the evening, which stimulates the central nervous system and makes us feel more awake.

2. Avoid Napping

Hot weather can make us feel a bit lethargic during the day. That's because we are using more energy to regulate our internal temperature. If your sleep is disturbed at night, try to avoid napping during the day. When it is hot, sleepiness can be precious so save it for bedtime. If you're struggling to sleep, get up and do something calming. Try reading, writing or listen to some tranquil low-level music. Avoid playing on your phone or video games as the blue light makes us feel less sleepy and the activity is stimulating. Return to bed when you feel sleepy.

3. Remember the basics

Take steps to make sure your bedroom is cool at night.

During the day, draw the curtains or blinds to keep the sun out. Make sure you close the windows on the sunny side of your home, to keep stifling air out. Open all the windows before you go to bed, to get a through breeze.

If you’re really struggling you might consider moving your bed downstairs, or temporarily sleeping on the sofa. Heat rises so it makes sense!

Cut out the outside noise as people enjoy staycations in their gardens, it’s worth investing in some ear plugs.

4. Cool shower

Take a cool to tepid shower before bed for a quick and easy way to cool down. Don’t be tempted to go for a freezing shower as it’ll only wake you up. Try one of Fergusons quick dry linen towels to avoid over heating in terry towelling. You’ll have the added benefit of an antibacterial hypoallergenic towel, that dries super quickly and doesn’t harbour bacteria.

5. Ditch the duvet

Try to avoid sleeping in heavy bed clothes that wrap around you making bedtime a misery on a sweltering summer night. Try bed covers more suited for hotter weather such as pure Irish linen sheets, linen bed covers or a linen fever blanket. They are thermo-regulating and feel super smooth on your skin. You can find superb quality at a range of affordable prices on our website. www.

6. Keep a cool head

Switch your pillowcase to ones made from 100% Pure Irish Linen (check out for our latest offers). Irish linen is wicking, which means instead of just absorbing perspiration it takes it away from your skin, keeping you nice and cool in the process. Using an Irish linen pillowcase can also help rejuvenate your skin!

7. Extra chilling required?

If you don’t have a fan, try filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water for instant relief. You could also half fill it and stick it in the freezer for those nights when you are so hot you feel you might spontaneously combust, lift it out of the freezer, wrap it in a linen tea towel or linen pillowcase and take it to bed. Bliss… and don’t forget to hydrate!

8. Ice box relief

It’s just not an option to climb in the icebox, fridge, or freezer when we’re overheating, but we can still use it to prevent us dissolving into a pool of perspiration. Assuming you’re doing the sensible thing and keeping yourself well hydrated, grab those linen tea towels from the kitchen (the clean ones!) and put them into chill. Lay back and relax with the frozen tea towels draped across your forehead, around the back of your neck, cooling you down - or go mad and cover yourself with them! – but a tip from the top – they are cheaper in pairs.

Alternatively, put a pair of clean socks in a freezer bag and place it in the fridge/freezer to cool. Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body or how about running cool water on the back of your wrist for some instant relief.