Specialist Products

Whilst a number of the fabrics Thomas Ferguson have in their range can be used for apparel this is not their main market.

Thomas Ferguson mainly focus on luxury interior textiles made from flax linen.

Thomas Ferguson works very closely with another company called John England (Banbridge) Ltd. John England is a sister company to Thomas Ferguson, and also a member of Franklins Group.

John England can provide a wide range of apparel fabrics woven from 100% linen and also blends of linen with wool and other fibres. These are available in a number of colours from stock, and special dye runs can also be supplied for quite low minumums.

John England also supplies a range of coloured fabrics for curtains and upholstery.

We strongly recommend that any customers looking for fabrics of these type contact the John England sales team. To contact John England sales please click here.

Yes, Thomas Ferguson for many years has supplied ecclesiastical/liturgical linen fabrics, or we can alternatively supply made up and embroidered items such as altar cloths, purificators, corporals, lavabo towels, palls, credence cloths, etc.

For further information please contact our sales team.

Most hotels and restaurants come to Thomas Ferguson because they want quality bespoke items, and they want the facility of being able to get small top-ups.

Ferguson's can weave linens with your own design or company logo, or use standard products and embroider a logo on them. Special dye runs can also be done for relatively short batches, and widths can be woven up to 3 metres wide.

Some hotels take just kitchen towels or glass cloths with their name on the centre stripe, others take custom tablecloths or napkins, or huckaback towels for guest or bidet towels. Irish linen bed linen can also be supplied to custom sizes.

Many of our customers realize the advantage of being able to use the Irish linen brand in their marketing as it is another thing to set them apart from the norm. Other just want European, or UK made products.

Yes, Thomas Ferguson does weaves unique baby carrier fabric for a number of customers. With the customers own design.

Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

Thomas Ferguson does not specifically weave linen for use on planes. Our fabric is not woven to British standard BS9F1.

However, we have supplied linen for this purpose.

Please click here for specialist suppliers for this end use.